Dawn's Happy Paintings -  why 'Happy'?

Artists of all kinds tend to be greatly influenced by the world around them & visitors to the Ceredigion Art Trail come to appreciate the influence of West Wales on the local artists.
Ceredigion, with the backdrop of the Cambrian Mountains and nestling against the rugged sweep of Cardigan Bay, has a unique and wonderful desolate beauty that is an inspiration to Artists & nature lovers.

Dawn tells me that happiness evoked through her paintings comes from three main sources:
Firstly, memories of the Region with the children many years ago & now watching another generation of 'crabbers' in Aberaeron Harbour or marvelling, wide eyed, at the steam ride up to Devil's Bridge.
Secondly, being able to live here and fully experience the changes of the seasons such as saying goodbye to the young swallows, flying south only a few weeks after fledging in our barn.

But most importantly, is our ability to give a home to our animals & enjoy the day to day interaction with them knowing that they will have a full natural life.

 Our sheep are all boys and were bottle fed from day one. Each was a reject or one of triplets that means we have a special bond.
The sheep were Dawn's first paintings & her inspirations and always when she put brush to canvas her first aim is to make the viewer smile! So if the sheep are wearing spectacles, sailing a pirate ship or playing in  a rock band then to know someone has enjoyed viewing what she has done then that is a job well done.

"The majority of my pictures are acrylic painted on mini canvases.   It's something that can popped into a handbag or posted off to friend. Its a happy memory of a visit to see the wonderful sights of Ceredigion"

We are fortunate on the Art Trail to welcome visitiors from all over the world & they can be assured of a warm welcome whoever they visit. 
Dawn offer a special bonus: Not only to they get to meet her 'models', they also get the opportunity to feed them as well!