The Witch
(Ancient Tales)


What we bought:

View looking east across the land towards the front of the house. Land badly neglected

Looking north east showing the line of conifers along the east side

The  Groundworks

Looking at north wall. Rear room with unstable walls & no roof. 

Land overgrown and retaining water. Like walking on a wet sponge

East wall looking south. Ground cleared to aid removal of conifers.

Looking south west from the north garden. New trench shows perforated drainage pipe running from behind the east wall down to the pond. Other pipe is new sewer from new bathroom on north east corner.

East wall looking south. Shows row of stumps where the conifers were removed and the stone filled land drain trench.

East wall looking north. 

Shows east wall facing north. New land drain can be seen running beyond the pile of stones. Second new land  drain runs parallel & next to base of wall. It joins the other drain near the yellow dumper. 

Looking south west showing slope down from house to pond.


East wall being removed, it was unstable.

Shows condition of end & intermediate walls.

Concrete sub base cast in. Membrane visible. Roof rafters started.

Shows new water main being run in new trench from  front to rear pf property.

Old entrance porch and sliding doors removed. New wall & window added to enlarge entrance hall into study/bedroom.

North wall being removed. New foundations dug to depth specified by Building Inspector.

New blockwork being laid. Wooden doorway into old entrance hall can be seen in the corner. That was retained.

View of new building showing the hip slate roof & bathroom window. Large facing north wall has been rendered. The original stone east walls have been repointed.

Digger was used to transport conifer trees to edge of the land.

Looking west. New decking built in north east corner.